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Peggy Liu

Want to learn public speaking from a TED speaker and WEF Young Global Leader? Learn-by-doing with 5 sessions of fun, bite-sized learning in "How to Give a TED Talk."🎙

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Data Analytics

Communicating Effectively With Data Visualization 

by Nanyang Technological University


Am I A Toxic Leader?

by NEXLeaders


Basics Of Successful Entrepreneurship

by Temasek Polytechnic

Sales & Marketing

12 Essentials Of Digital Marketing

by Temasek Polytechnic


Introduction to Social & Emotional Learning

by Temasek Polytechnic 

Retail & Hospitality

Creating Unforgettable Experiences Through Customer Service

by Temasek Polytechnic


Optimizing Benefits

by Mercer 

Finance & Accounting

Finance For Non-Finance Managers

by Temasek Polytechnic


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"It's useful, short, but concise and comprehensive. Quite useful for working adults who have busy working schedule, and free short time gap eg: half an hour a day is good enough to complete 1~2 sessions."

"It was very easy to learn as it’s fast and I was able to complete it on the go. Information and pointers used were also succinct. This app is great!"

Need inspiration on types of skills to learn? Hear more from these influential leaders, entrepreneurs & CEOs!


Meet Paulo Atienza. A global Director, DJ, and an award-winning fitness champion who is enjoying “Business Statistics and Uncertainty Estimation” on Gnowbe. 🤓

🏋️‍♀️ Now that’s a first! Paulo Atienza continues to inspire us to be curious in our learning journey regardless of our expertise and our background!


Can you name 3 must-know facts about the personal data protection act? Only a few leaders can! If you're a curious bee, join Gena Thien, Director of Singapore's first interior renovation academy, and learn "What's PDPA?" on Gnowbe to invest in a skill 10 mins a day! Watch video.

Vimbayi Kajese_Gnowbe

“I consider myself a student of life and I always want to keep up especially when I want to be impactful as a leader.” Learn with Vimbayi Kajese, Young Global Leader, of the World Economic Forum, Founder and CEO at #Adtags and upskill on "Design Thinking 101" and the leadership category on Gnowbe. Watch video

Jacques-Philippe Piverger_Gnowbe

“Curiosity it a real key to continuing to thrive in this world as things change so rapidly! Learn with Jacques-Philippe Piverger, Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum, purpose driven, investor and co-founder at Ozone X Ventures and upskill on the innovation category on Gnowbe. Watch video


Ever wonder how a global tech CEO spends her free time? You can catch her learning about the Psychology of Ageing on Gnowbe! Join So-Young Kang, Founder, and CEO on Gnowbe to invest in a skill 10 mins a day! Watch video

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  • Leadership

  • Sales & Marketing

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  • Business Etiquette and Professionalism
  • Project Management: 20 ways to be more effective
  • Leading Change in An Uncertain World
  • Taking Innovation to the Next Level
  • Behavioral Insights for Business Decisions
  • The Basics of Successful Entrepreneurship
  • 101 of A Winning Business Plan
  • Introduction to Management
  • Leading, Controlling & Corporate Social Responsibility
  • The Secrets of Great Teamwork
  • 7 Important Insights to Attract Customers
  • Am I a Toxic Leader?
  • Coaching for Leaders
  • Top 5 Reasons Why Leaders Fail
  • Sales Incentive Plan Design
  • Customer Service 101
  • 12 Essentials of Digital Marketing
  • Introduction to Brand Strategy
  • Developing A Strategic Brand Blueprint
  • Visual Merchandising for successful e-commerce
  • Big Data for Beginners
  • Introduction to Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT)
  • IIOT System Connectivity
  • Fundamentals of Cloud Architecture
  • Virtualization Concepts & Techniques
  • IIOT Smart Sensors and Actuators
  • ITE-Intel® AI For Citizens: Global AI Public Awareness Program
  • What Makes Music?
  • Living Well Matters : Embracing Work Life Harmony
  • Rest Your Stress: Nurturing a Balanced Life
  • Psychology of Ageing
  • Introduction to Social & Emotional Learning
  • Working From Home
  • The Belly Fat Prognosis
  • Managing the Emotional Impact of COVID-19: Quarantine
  • CARBs, Friends or Foe
  • Design Thinking 1.0
  • Learn Creative Photography Principles from Master Photographer
  • Portrait drawing for beginners
  • Video Production for Non-Techies


  • Food & Beverage Management
  • Professional F&B Menu Planning
  • Basic Food Hygiene for Food Handlers
  • Adopting F&B Technologies
  • Foster Gender Inclusive Cultures
  • Influence Without Authority
  • How to Give a TED Talk
  • Finding the Essence of Your Personal Brand
  • Coaching In The Moment
  • Understanding Millennials
  • Great Parenting: Myth or Reality?
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What is a Microlearning Course (MLC)?

A microlearning course is a self-paced digital course aimed at helping learners develop relevant knowledge and skills in a specific topic. Courses are designed to be mobile-first and bite-sized. This means one can learn a new skill with just 10 minutes daily, anytime, anywhere. Each course is designed to be highly interactive by encouraging learners to think, reflect, apply and share their learnings with other learners around the world through group chatboards, polls and quizzes. This pedagogy has been scientifically proven to increase knowledge retention and skills acquisition in adult learners.

What is the GnowbeLearn™ Subscription about?

Gnowbe is excited to launch the world’s first subscription-based microlearning library which has been endorsed by the Singapore Government. You can enjoy unlimited access to more than 400 microlearning courses geared towards career and professional development anytime, anywhere. Courses are thoughtfully designed by world-renowned experts such as KPMG and Mercer to amplify your learning journey through practical application. You can earn your certification with just 10 minutes a day and instantly share your achievement on LinkedIn. 

Who should subscribe to GnowbeLearn™?

Anyone who is looking to upskill, reskill or acquire must-have knowledge and skills to boost employability, job performance and/or personal capabilities. 

Lifelong learning can take place at any age and at any career stage. Hence, every MLC is tailored to one’s learning abilities from beginner, intermediate to advanced levels. This information can be found under Course Description.

Why should I subscribe to GnowbeLearn™?

The world is changing at lightning speed. The Organisation For Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) estimates that 14% of existing jobs could disappear as a result of automation in the next 15 years. To thrive in the 21st-century workplace, everyone has to embrace lifelong learning to stay relevant. 

Gnowbe integrates text, quizzes, reflections and Instagram-like interaction features to amplify your learning journey. This approach has shown a tenfold increase in learning effectiveness compared to Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and has been scientifically proven to improve retention of must-have knowledge and skills. 

With GnowbeLearnTM, you can level up your career by earning certifications from world-class institutions in just 10 minutes a day. You can do so during break times or on commute, making learning a daily routine!

How is GnowbeLearn™ different from other online courses offered by other training providers?

Most online courses are designed for one-way, desktop learning through videos, which usually take up to 5 hours to complete in a single sitting. Whereas GnowbeLearnTM was designed to deliver learning content in short bouts of 10 minutes, this pedagogy enables learners to be highly focused during the lesson. Course completion also goes beyond just watching videos as it includes a series of highly interactive multimedia actions such as leaderboards, quizzes and polls. 

GnowbeLearnTM can be accessed through mobile, tablet and desktop, both online and offline, giving learners greater accessibility to learn anytime, anywhere.

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